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About Us

About Us

Bywater Boutique is a small family run business based in Yorkshire. Started in August 2012, we aim to bring you a collection of beautiful homeware and accessories to make you and your home even more glamorous. We have worked hard to find the right products to bring you and only sell products that we adore and would be happy to receive as a gift ourselves. Bywater Boutique is built on passion and pride. Whatever the occasion, you’ll always find a fabulous range of gifts to choose from.

We aim to bring you new and exciting products on a regular basis. We don’t buy in bulk and therefore have a quick turnover of stock, allowing us to bring you a wide ranging and varied selection of products. We continue to source new stock and offering other local independent makers, artists and designers the opportunity to sell with us. Some items are unique one offs so if you fall in love with something you see, get it before it’s gone.

We are incredibly proud of our what we have achieved over the last five years and thank each and every one of you for your support over the years! We really do hope you like our site and enjoy shopping with us. Why not grab a coffee, sit back, relax and have a look around?

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If you do need any help then please don’t hesitate to contact us even if it's just for a chat!