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​We want to be drinking Gin in the Sunshine!

Posted by Sarah on 22nd Mar 2018

What’s going on with the weather? I mean it’s mid-March and it’s still ruddy freezing! It’s almost too cold to even think about having a nice chilled G&T but, as it’s all in the name of research … read more

Gin recommendations!

30th Jan 2018

As promised in last week’s blog (like we needed an excuse), below are a few of the gins we’ve been ‘sampling’ over the past week or two.Edinburgh Gin with Rhubarb and Ginger - I had this with ginger … read more


Posted by Sarah on 24th Jan 2018

We're now well into 2018 (that went fast!) and, surprisingly, we've managed to stick with our New Years Resolutions so far! Healthy eating, more exercise and slightly less G&Ts (but only slightly)!L … read more
The wait is finally over!

The wait is finally over!

17th Nov 2017

Well the wait is finally over. After copious amounts of G&T and many late nights, our website has been launched!I must say, taking hundreds of products photos and writing descriptions that make … read more