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Sugar and Spice Girls money tin

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Sugar and Spice Girls money tin

Bywater Boutique loves these SO much, it is a lovely present as a gift for any little girl.

Did you know this little Rufus Rabbit money tin is a bit like The Tardis in that it looks small from the outside but can hold over £200 in £2 coins.
Now that's something worth counting on a rainy day!
Bright pink and pale green in colour it has the words 'Did you know... Sugar & Spice and all things nice PLUS tantrums and tiaras door slamming and dramas. That’s what little girls are made of.' written around the sides.
Rufus Rabbit has somewhere to keep her little bunny pennies, she's saving up for a castle!
It can be reused as there is a metal lid at the bottom which can be removed for you to take your money out. 


  • It measures 9cm x 7cm x 7cm.