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'Y' DAFT HA'PETH!' Bone China Yorkshire Mug

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'Y' DAFT HA'PETH!' Bone China Yorkshire Mug


Y'daft ha'peth' if ya dunt spend thee brass on this. 
This Yorkshire mugs white wi a bright green circle round t'words.
Bone China tis, an it 'ods 8oz o' t'wet stuff.
It's alreet for t'dishwasher too.
By my reckoning, it's bob on 82mm tall n 72mm across.
It's a crackin.


You are rather silly, if you don't spend you money on this.
This Yorkshire mug is white in colour and has a grass circle around the wording.
Made from Bone China, it holds 8oz of fluid.
The mug is dishwasher safe.
It measures 82mm in height and 72 mm across.
It really is a splendid mug.